"Amazonian Canapé"

"Amazonian Canapé" Materials: plywood, paint, fishing line, swivel. Dimensions: variable.
My work tells a story and takes the viewer on an adventure, partly of their own choosing.  The intention is to evoke an emotion that draws on memory, from my-self and the viewer, to inform interpretation of the work. 
The play on silhouettes references children’s pop-up story books while the techniques employed direct the viewer to a mature reading that may, or may not, allude to sinister undertones within the work:  The scale of the work places the viewer in the scene to mimic the actions of reading to a child.  The purpose of monochrome is to allow an independent reading and, along with the shadows, recalls the thing of nightmares when the lights go out in a child’s bedroom.
Something to think about: When I was little, I went on a trip down the Amazon with my family.  We stopped for a break and a sloth stole my Milky Way.  I gave chase and, although the sloth was slow, so was I as I was only 3, so we were well matched for speed.  I caught up with him, we had a tussle and I got my Milky Way.  But, he scratched me and a piece of his nail broke off in my shoulder.  It hasn’t been a problem until recently so I had to have it removed.